Northwest Naturopathic Medical Clinic PC


Dr. Stephanie Wilson



"Naturopathic Medicine Combines:

*The Wisdom of the Past

*With the Knowledge of the Present

*For the Medicine of the Future."


        I, Dr. Stephanie Wilson, am a licensed primary care physician treating men women and children for a wide range of medical conditions. 

        My holistic approach to health care encompasses all other medical disciplines in a spirit of cooperation for the benefit of the patient.

        My practice focuses on, but is not limited to,  the following:

            *Acute Illnesses (short term colds and flu)

            *All Types of Chronic Illness

            *Women's Health:  PMS, Menopause, Annual GYN Exams,  etc.

            *Children's Health

            *Men's Health




        *Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

            *Thyroid, Adrenal and other Endocrine Disorders

            *Low Temperature and Low Metabolism

            *Toxicity Problems and Chemical Sensitivity


        Therapies and diagnostic techniques I use primarily are:

            *Nutrition and Lifestyle Analysis

            *Herbs and Homeopathy

            *Laboratory Tests, Conventional and Alterative


        *IV Vitamins and Minerals

            *Medications as needed

            *Refer to other health care professionals,as needed