Northwest Naturopathic Medical Clinic PC


Dr. Stephanie Wilson


"Naturopathic Medicine Combines:

*The Wisdom of the Past,

*With the Knowlegde of the present,

*For the Medicine of the Future."

About Dr. Stephanie Wilson


Professional History:   


    *Naturopathic doctorate at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, 1996.

    *BA in Biology and Pre Med from the University of Oregon, 1978.

    *Opened a Naturopathic Practice in Fishkill, NY in 1996 but decided to move back to Oregon and start a practice in Eugene in my present location, October of 1997.

        *For 15 years before attending Naturopathic College, I lived on two, large, Organic Farms, one in New Hampshire and the other one in Colorado, where I worked with large numbers of people in Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism.


 Personal History:


        *I am a fourth generation Oregonian and was raised in the Eugene, Springfield area.

        *Three times I have moved away and moved back to Oregon, but I am here to stay in this beautiful place!