Northwest Naturopathic Medical Clinic, PC



Dr. Stephanie Wilson


"Naturopathic Medicine Combines:

*The Wisdom of the Past,

*With the Knowledge of the Present,

*For the Medicine of the Future."

Dr. Stephanie P. Wilson, ND

Naturopathic Physician

This website has been created to introduce you to Dr. Stephanie Wilson, ND, and her Naturopathic Medicine Practice. 
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     I have a General Family Practice, seeing people of all ages for diagnosis and treatment, with all types of illnesses and health conditions. 

    I use many different types of therapies including:

             Supplements, Nutrition and Life Style Counseling, Herbs, Homeopathy, IV Vitamins and Minerals, Pharmaceutical Medications (as needed),, and a number of other Naturopathic Therapies. 

        I, also, refer patients to other Health Professional as needed for other needed treatment.

        I enjoy my practice and helping people to get healthy as naturally as possible.